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Hello and welcome to The Tsubasa 100, LJ's first, and only, drabble community for the anime and manga series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. If you wish to join, please read the rules and challenge info first.


1. Keep it Tsubasa related. Any cross-overs will be contained in the Clamp Universe and include characters that our heroes have met, or are likely to meet on their journey. NO. MARY-SUES.

2. Respect is a big yes. If you feel that a specific piece of work that a fellow member has contributed needs a lot of work (or even just a little bit of tweaking), help them in a positive way. No flame wars or rude comments either. Just be nice and it will make this community a better place to be.

3. No community advertising. There are other communities for that. A quick interest search can find many for you.

4. No off-topic posts. Questions about the community (such as when the next challenge will start, questions about the rules etc.) will be allowed, but try to avoid posts that say nothing but "omg Fai is so hawt" and the like. Ok? If you want to talk about the hotness that is our Fai-san, comment on it in someone's drabble post. It just makes things a lot less cluttered.

5. Het, Yaoi, Yuri, Incest, Hentai is all welcome here, but since there may be some members of our community who are not comfortable with these pairings/situations, your drabble should be hidden behind a LJ cut so that those members can choose not to read your particular drabble.

6. 100 words only! This is a drabble, not an epic novel. That's the beauty of a drabble.

7. Make sure your submission contains a title, genre, the names of the characters involved, romantic pairings (if any), name of challenge (if any), spoiler warnings (if any), warnings in general (if any) and author's comments (if any).

For example:

Title: Where's the Rum Gone!?
Genre: Humor
Characters: Fai, Kurogane, Mokona
Pairings: None
Challenge: Insanity
Spoilers: <--- Optional if there are no spoilers
Warnings: <--- Optional if are no warnings
Author's Comments: <--- Optional

To make things easier though, you can always just copy and paste:

9. And most importantly HAVE FUN, OKAY?


A new challenge will be announced every Monday by one of our mods. If you wish to participate, you have between the time the challenge is announced and the following Sunday to post your drabble. Winners will be decided by the member with the majority of votes they recieve and only community members may vote. You may only vote for one drabble per week and voting for your own drabble is not allowed. Winners will be announced the following Monday (along with the newest challenge). For the time being, we aren't going to vote.

Current Challenge: Thousand


Owner/Maintainer: dewdropinn
Co-Moderator: ofthisangel


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If anyone knows of other Tsubasa character (individual or pairing) communities I have missed, please feel free to let us know! Thank you!

(mini icons taken from clamp-net)